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Dog Care Checklist

As a dog owner, you are legally responsible for:
While your vet is the best person to give you expert advice this Dog Care Checklist gives you some general guidelines about what you need to do to provide for your dog.

Your dog needs:
  • feeding once or twice a day, with an adequate, balanced diet and access to fresh water at all times
  • a cosy, dry sleeping area
  • regular exercise and company
  • house training and obedience training
  • vaccinations, worming and control of fleas and ticks
  • a well fenced property that it cannot leave of its own will
  • to be sterilised or neutered – unless you plan to use your dog for breeding
  • care during holidays or when you are absent.
In an emergency or disaster

Remember, your pets will be affected by a disaster, too. Follow these steps to make sure they get through as well.  
  • take your pets into account when you are doing your family disaster planning
  • attach a permanent disc to your pet's collar that clearly states your phone number, name and address
  • if possible, take your pet's vaccination records with you if you have to evacuate. This will help your pet be rehoused if necessary
  • include a carry box, towel or blanket in your Emergency Survival Kit. Put your name and phone number on the box
  • keep an emergency supply of pet food
  • check with your local council about their arrangements for assisting with domestic animal issues
  • if you are unable to take your animals with you, you should release penned animals, if possible
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