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Before You Get A Dog

Think carefully! Dogs can live for around 10 years with some small dogs living even longer. That’s a long-term commitment.

Some practical things to think about

There are a lot of things to think about before you get a dog:

  • cost - can you afford ongoing costs such as food, annual registration, vaccinations, vet bills and holiday boarding, as well as the purchase price and sterilisation?
  • security – is your home a suitable place for a dog – does it have secure fencing? Can you confine your pet at night in the house or in a shed, garage or kennel?
  • care and exercise - do you have time to exercise, train and play with your dog every day? Will your dog be all right if you leave it alone during the day? Can you arrange care for your dog when you're away? Can you provide care, training and meals at regular intervals every day until your puppy is six months old?
  • your lifestyle and family - if you are renting, does your lease/rental agreement let you have a dog on the property? Will a dog fit in with your lifestyle, activities, sporting pursuits and priorities? Are your children old enough to learn how to live and play safely with a dog?

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