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Your Council

Your district or city council has the key role in administering the Dog Control Act 1996 and its amendments.

As well as administering the Dog Control Act councils have the power to make policy and bylaws on dog control. Policy and bylaws can include designating areas where dogs can exercise off a leash, or where dogs are prohibited, or where they are required to be on a leash. Councils also set the levels of registration fees and other charges such as impounding fees.

As well as making bylaws and providing information, your council provides or arranges local dog control services including dog registration, education about dog ownership and safety around dogs, responding to complaints, picking up straying and aggressive dogs, impounding dogs, rehoming and euthanising dogs that cannot be homed.

The Dog Control Act 1996 and its amendments provide powers to councils to regulate dog ownership and to deal with aggressive dogs or dogs creating a nuisance.

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