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This is Bob, and he is a black Labrador. The Labrador breed is one of New Zealand's most popular choices, when families are looking for a dog.

Bob is playful and gentle. He lives in a house overlooking the sea with two adults and two teenagers. Bob loves going down to the beach (when he's allowed!) and chasing sticks, usually in the morning or evening when there aren't many people around.

Bob loves to chew very big bones. He's especially happy when visitors arrive and sometimes he offers them a bone to play with! He is patted and praised every day and very loyal to his family. He likes to be included in family things, and he loves going for walks and wrestling with his teenage brother and sister. Most of all though he likes eating.

Bob's very friendly with people and with other dogs, but he's big and black and can look scary if you're not used to dogs. But if you follow the tips on this web site, you'll be safe with Bob.
Image of Bob, the labrador.
Bob's Water Bowl and Food Bowl
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